Sunday, February 28, 2010


Apologises for not updating the blog constantly as I am too extremely lazy to blog things out, but today is special cause I am bored ):

Life is really smooth running this year with friends that are constantly there for me, hearing my sorrows, ranting my anger and of course slacking partners. On e thing, i realised is that, I am unable to leave my St Pats brothers alone specially my awesomely 5N1’08 people, as they really truly bring out the meaning of friendship. Hanging out with them for a meal, pools after that really strengthen the bond within us, after 4months of not meeting up with almost the whole 20 united, band of brothers.

26Feb, the day of feeling appreciated.

20th birthday celebration was a little depressing this year, not a major celebration. Think on a bright side, it’s a more of catching up and bonding of friends that I have. Matthew, Viv, Martin and Gabriel, were the maddest bunch of people, that constantly sang the birthday song even on the bus as well, appreciated it , REALLY! It really made my day of boredom.

Thanks to all my friends for the 200 odd wishes that you sent via different modes of technology, be it facebook, msn or sms. THANKS!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Been really lazy to update and now, bored. So here I am(:
School has been alright, Friends have been CRAZY and life is super ultra fun!
Holidays is coming in like 4days, inclusive of weekends, I really cant wait for it! I so want to start my fun and crazy times back again!

This is because, I am going for a mega reunion in Ipoh, NCC BBQ, Networking at SP with other poly's ambassadors, chalet, christmas and a countdown party! Of course, LYNK PARTY!

So many exciting activities coming up for me! and and the best will be, MARK KOH IS COMING BACK! Awww.. I miss disturbing him and of course our fun times!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sorry people for the extremely late post!

Let's just summarise my whole week of exciting yet busy week.
Mon to wed, was so simple that i went to LSC as usual to complete the roadshow for the schools. and of course dinner was out, from zi char food to Carl's Jr. ((:

Then Thurs and Fri came, met up with Kenneth to head for our 2days of work, which was all the way to Jurong!! SO FARR!!
Day 1, we took bus-train-bus to get to work, reached near to 9am, but got excused! heehee!
Day2, we took train and bus, this time, on time, and was faster. Food over at the hawker was not too bad, cheap and big portion as well as good too. Seems like in a secluded place, there are good and cheap food!

Sat was the BEST EVER NIGHT!
morning had mentoring as usual. Donald called at 1040am, and asked me to pick him up at the bus stop, when the mentoring started at 1000am! Came LATE, and got me drenched while walking out into the puddles of water and heavy rain despite the help of the umbrella.

After mentoring, went to LSC to finish up and touch up abit and it's DONE for sec. school though! Heading to Holy Family for mass, with additional people like, Ryan and Amanda, Ms Karen (Back to church, after a long term of illness), and Donald, who was obviously LATE again.{Hello Louisa!}
Dinner with them at Marine Parade Hawker, then met up with Danial, YH and Reginald and head to Shaun's house for reunion/gathering, since his parents is selling off the place.

The most funny and interesting part was, Danial singing! A guy, that don't know the lyrics of the song, and the way he sang it was utterly funny, the whole group of us at the basement were laughing so hard, till we can form our 8pacs, laughed till we teared as well as laughing so hard, till we all fell off the sofa and chair!!

5N1'08 - The Awesome, Fun & United Class!

The night was damn awesome, played guitar hero/band, cards, catch-ups (chat) and drank 7bottles of beer, 2bottles of wine, 12cans of Japanese beer and 3bottles of long island tea. YES! was damn SHIOK! Kenneth and I were the last to leave the house, like close to 3.30am, where both of us and Shaun, were having a good chat and fun. Cabbed back and slept through the day, 20092009 as well.

Monday, was Hari Raya, where, Matthew, Viv and I together with Ed, went to SPS Foyer to set-up our ILDP'09 1st Secondary Roadshow. ((:

Tues, is somehow a wasted day for me, headed to LSC, got nothing to do. Went Ikea and back home for dinner.

Today, Wed, i wonder what awaits for me today.

tag replies;
Jenn: I remembered as well, i stored in my phone!!
Amelia: thank you :D :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenn! ((:

Bishan with Keith followed by Church in the evening.
After church, went Tampines 1 for Carl's Jnr with Gabriel & Donald. Gabriel was stirring his drink untill it spill a little, and i wanted to drink from my cup, I DROPPED AND SPILL THE WHOLE CUP! >.< was so so embarrassing! I really wanted to thank the people who helped to cleaned it but dared not. SCARY!
but i will do it here.

Thank you Carl's Jnr Staff of TM1(:

Slacked and rest, and of course researched for 'work' (Poster Advertisement) which is due soon. And i came across to one of the website which really kept me thinking whether if it is true.

"You go down New York, Broadway. You will see the beggars, people of the streets...Where are the beggars in Singapore?
Show me."
Lee Kuan Yew

tag replies;

jenn: i thought i told you? but here you are(:
jovi: I AINT that OLD, you inmatured boy. LOL!
alif: sorry BOSS! been busy uh.. got so much work, but not as much as yours >.<

Friday, September 11, 2009


What should i say, just one word; "AWESOME"
Coming weeks, guess i am going to be real busy with lots of meaningful and wonderful things, which i really dont mind.

My quote of the day;
Peace starts within us